Chungtech from Sweater Funk, San Francisco tearing up the airwaves with Funk, Boogie and Modern Soul!

DJ: Chungtech
Tracklist  [Artist, Title]

  1. Renee Aldrich – Only Just Begun to Love You
  2. Krystal Davis – So Smooth
  3. Yvonne Gage- Lover of My Dreams
  4. Plaza – Midnight Ocean Rendezvous
  5. Reggie Blount – You Keep Checkin Me
  6. Linda Lewis – Class Style (I’ve Got It)
  7. Inkswel feat. Zackey Force Funk – Glass Tear Groove
  8. Antilles – I’ve Got to Have You
  9. Lucid Paradise – Who’s Taking All the Love
  10. Kutcorners & K-Maxx – Need2Know
  11. Kashif – I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
  12. Masurrati & Huey Harris – Super Duper Lovin
  13. World Entity- Found That Love
  14. Jennette – You Turn Me On
  15. Morgan Geist – Lullaby

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