1. Millsart, Six by Six by Nine
2. Cari Lekebusch & Alexi Delano, Take It Twice
3. Developer, Under
4. Ian Hicks, Depths Of Psyche
5. The Human League, Love Action [music box re-edit]
6. Gary Gritness, Can’t Talk
7. DJ これからの緊急災害, s e c r e t m 1 x 1
8. Experiment Zero, Jak Reaction
9. Trinidadian Deep, My True Love
10. Gary Gritness, Honey Drippin’
11. The Tourist, Measured Space
12. DJ Quest, Scratchapella
13. Liaisons Dangereuses, Etre Assis Ou Danser
14. Wladimir M., Evil (The Moderator Remix)
15. The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller, 3.26 Parallax Seconds
16. Poperttelli, King of Trouble
17. DJ これからの緊急災害, D A Y T 0 N A 5 0 0
18. Florence, The Vineyard (Dave Tarrida Remix)
19. Monomood, Vault
20. DJ これからの緊急災害, Tripping Like Wet
21. Maruwa, Cloudburst
22. Jacob Korn, Backstar
23. Jorg Kuning, Hibbert
24. Dmitry Distant & Starpliktuve, Purvciems (Edit)
25. Poperttelli, Copper Telly
26. Pizzaboy, No Affection
27. Gary Gritness, Love Has Come Around
28. Trinidadian Deep, Rebel Fract (Vincent Floyd Remix)
29. Magou, Sample Dream (Original Mix)
30. Dance Reaction, Honey Puppy is my Name (Perishable Vertebrate edit)

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