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Holliday (Holliday Panasith) is a DJ/producer hailing from the underground US west coast scene. With a style including deep rhythmic house, techno, breaks, all embedded with a touch of progressive atmospherics. His trademark sound is driving ethereal deeptechno that captures the emotional grooves of the night, leading into heavy euphoric builds. It is a sound he has meticulously crafted from rexperiences behind the decks ranging from the outdoor gatherings to the nightclubs.

The first journey to electronic music lead to vinyl Technics and 707/808 drum machines. Late 90’s trance and progressive was the name of the game, shaping the euphoric edge and influence embedded in his sets today. House, techno, progressive, and deeptechno records also were heavy influences as well. The spirit and essence of the westcoast US desert gatherings and underground sounds. Logic and Ableton came into play for production, fused with deep house and tech house, the ‘sound’ was captured. Paying homage to inspirations from Sasha, Telefon Tel Aviv, Brian Eno, Peace Division, Jeff Mills, Planisphere, just to name a few.

Based out of Southern California, Holliday tours and gigs out frequently, reaching different audiences and connecting with a music lovers. Focusing on his unique label DeepAura Music the label is dedicated to emotional and melodic music of various styles, since it’s launch in 2013. He is co-founder of Undercurrent collective, as well as CEO for DeepAura Music and the Terrain Series webcasts. All of this, while maintaining a touring calendar and productions. It’s all for the love of music, the integrity, the moment, the connection..


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