🔮 TONIGHT, Sunday, January 27, 2019: OMAKASE is worldlive with GOLD CODE from 6-7pm and special guest, FRANKIE MEDINA [passion/ fusion] from 7-8pm!

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Gold Code

Tracklist [artist, title]

  1. Giorgio Moroder, Evolution
  2. Black Devil Disco Club, Timing, Forget The Timing
  3. Jamie Principal, Your Love [underdog edit]
  4. Nick The Record, Yah Vol!
  5. Thompson Twins, Beach Culture
  6. Secret Bob, Ay Ay Captain
  7. Members, Radio [Dub Version]
  8. Arthur Baker, Breakers Revenge [Dub Version]
  9. Tamarah, Slipping Into Darkness [Nice French Mix]
  10. Alisha, Baby Talk [Baby Version]
  11. One-Two-Three, Runaway

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