OMAKASE, episode 177a
Airdate: 12/09/2018

TRACKLISTING [# Artist Track Album]

  1. Anthony Shake, Shakir Arise (Trus’me Remix), Arise 
  2. The Other People Place, Let Me Be Me, Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café
  3. Separate Minds, You Ask For It, We Need Somebody
  4. Underground Resistance, Find Your Friends, Somewhere in Japan
  5. Omar-S, Day [aos-4] fxhe records
  6. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code, FM Expander, 6th Element
  7. Scan 7, Sunday on Saturday, Test of Time
  8. Jonny Rock, The Likely Pink, BAH 034 EP
  9. Derrick May, Salsa Life
  10. Annette, Dream 17
  11. Scan 7, Here After, Test of Time EP
  12. Roel Salemink, Silenth Noises (Robert Hood Remix), Silenth Noises EP
  13. Jared Wilson, Detroit Tracks 7.5, Let Your Body, Make Your Body
  14. Big Strick, Yllabian Dog Fight, Detroit Heat
  15. Red Axes, Teroof, Sipoor
  16. Rick Wade/Dubbyman, Green Sunday (Rick Wade Angry Sunday Mix), Pressure Days
  17. Gigi Galaxy, Centaurus, The Exotic Sounds Of Gigi Galaxy

OMAKASE, episode 177b
Airdate: 12/09/2018
DJ: DJ DEX aka NOMADICO [yaxteq/ underground resistance, los angeles]
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