OMAKASE, episode 170a
Airdate: 10/21/2018

TRACKLISTING [# Artist Track Album]

1 Luis Flores, The Devils Tool, Love Your Machine EP
2 Dark Circles, False Flag (Bawrut Remix), Dropmire
3 Function, Disaffected, Anticipation, Sandwell District 10
4 Wrong Assessment, Calcare, AWRY003
5 Rubidium, Splinter 3, Splinter EP
6 SΛRIN, Jigar, Kuleshov Effect
7 Symbols & Instruments, Science Of Numbers, Mood
8 Peeping Tom, Soaring, Voyeurism & Violence [PNKMN13]
9 Taras Van De Voorde & David Vunk, Need You Tonight (Alden Tyrell Remix), Need You Tonight
10 Adjowa, Red Leather (Funkineven Remix), 8 Ball
11 Sharif Laffrey, Tangier (Original Mix), Tangier b/w Everything Is Nice
12 Erik & Fiedel & MMM, Jack7, Jack7
13 Aleksi Perala, GBLFT1740070 (Original Mix), Paradox
14 Truncate & Jimmy, Submission (Truncate rework), Submission
15 Frak, Untitled A1, Börft EP
16 Sebastian Mullaert, The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Live Version), The Dance

OMAKASE, episode 170b
Airdate: 10/21/2018
Live: FORCE PLACEMENT [the black lodge, los angeles]

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