Tracklist, [artist, title, label]

  1. D.ST/ Jamal, Mean Machine, Celluloid
  2. Thelma Huston, You Used to Hold Me So Tight [dub], MCA
  3. Warp 9, Light Years Away, Prism
  4. Nairobi & The Awesome Foursome, FunkySoul Makossa [Free Beats], Warlock
  5. Dominatrix, Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight [dominant mix], Warlock
  6. Egyptian Lover, One Track Mind, Egyptian Empire
  7. Melle Mell & Duke Bootee, Message II [Survival], Sugarhill
  8. The New York Gang, Let’s Rockett [Instrumental Mix], Disco-O-12
  9. Elite, Rock The House pt.1, Dakar
  10. XL Middleton + Eddie Funkster, Show Some Respect, Mofunk
  11. Egyptian Lover, Dance Music, Egyptian Empire
  12. Aaron Carl, Down, Electric Funk Records
  13. Brian & Zan, Pump Your Body, Sound of New York
  14. Spencer Jones, How High?, Next Plateau Records
  15. Cocamoto Exclusivo, Slime Pride, Must Records
  16. Quest, Mind Games, Sound Pak
  17. Anthony Rother, Basic Level, Kanzlemat
  18. I.M.S., Nonline, Emergency Records

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