OMKASE, episode 87b
Airdate: 2/26/2017
DJ: @gilesdickerson [just fine records, nyc]

Tracklist [artist, title]
1. Giles Dickerson, A Need to Fulfill, Twisted Appendages, Just Fine Records
2. Marble Zone, Purple Velvet, Marble Zone, Large Records
3. Brawther, Spaceman Funk, Untitled, Balance
4. Intr0beatz, Holy Basil, Holy Basil, Plastik People
5. Lagaffe-tales – Moff-tarkin-cherelle-free-tales-006
6. Malin Genie, Well No.2, Sinus Supremus, Family Matters Records
7. Roy Davis Jr. & Jay Juniel, Funktion, Transitions, Large Records
8. Ross From Friends, Talk To Me, You’ll Understand, Distant Hawaii
9. Rick Wade, I Do Believe, Late Night Basix, Harmonie Park
10. Hotmood, Slap My Bass, Hotmood Vol 3, Tugboat Edits
11. The Funk District, Robot Soul, Robot Soul, Whiskey Pickle
12. Giles Dickerson, Disgo, Lost Sounds of the Underground, Traxx Research
13. Chambray, Yousme, Reliev, Ultramajic
14. Giles Dickerson, I Feel(Jordan Fields Edit) *unreleased*


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