A short but sweet set made up of tracks by Cherushii and Nackt who passed in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire, December 3, 2016. Both were great talents, people and pillars of the Bay Area underground who will be sorely missed.

I’ve known Chelsea Faith [aka @cherushii] for the last 10 years and watched her develop into a great live performer and producer. She had a unique style and was one of the most positive and creative people I knew. The last track in the mix is a remix I did for her Faith in Bass project. We were supposed to collaborate on more music in the future, which I regret we did not get to do.

Privileged to have met @nacktmusic aka Johnny Igaz . For a long time, I only knew of him via his DJ sets and hearing about from other friends. An adventurous and unique dj, he stood out to me as someone with great taste in music, who was willing to challenge his audience. As a producer, I looked forward to each release as his sound matured and wove its way into my dj sets. Finally as a person, I found him to be one of the most charismatic and interesting people I’ve met.

OMAKASE, episode 75b
Air Date: 12/14/2016
photo: Dorena Bernabe

Tracklist [artist/title]:
1. Cherushii, I Didn’t See You
2. Cherushii, Spring Fever
3. Nackt, Ford (featuring CM-4 & Doc Sleep)
4. Cherushii, Indigo Wave (feat. Golden Donna)
5. Nackt, Priority
6. Cherushii, Lake of Sorrows
7. Faith in Bass, Blau Zwischen Grau (Gold Code remix)

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