Homero G. [Inner Sunset Recordings], returns with another all vinyl, all classic set! Be on the look out for his new record, Deep Cut Collective Vol. 3, on Inner Sunset Recordings!

OMAKASE, episode 73a
Air Date: 11/20/2016
Dj: Homero G.

Tracklisting [artist, title]
1. Robert Owens I’ll Be Your Friend
2. No Smoke, Coro Coro
3. MURK, U Got Me
4. Coco Steel & Lovebomb, Work It
5. White Label
6. Doug Lazy, H.O.U.S.E.
7. Stevie B, Dirty Cash
8. Mija , Need That Fun At Home
9. Yello, Unblievable
10. Vandals, Ind. French
11. White Label
12. Red Seal, Upturn
13. Degrees of Motion, Do You Want It Right Now
14. 16Bit, Hi Score
15. Bonesbreaks, And The Break Goes On
16. First Choice, Love and Happiness (acapella)
17. Homero G., Days of the D.C.C.

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