OMAKASE, episode 72a
Air Date: 11/13/2016
Dj: Gold Code

All vinyl set this week! Playing some classics alongside brand new cuts:

Tracklisting, [artist, title, label]

1. Lindstrom, There is a Drink in my Bedroom and I ned a Hot Lady [Prins Thomas edit], Clone
2. Wetribe, Hard On, New Breed
3. Rocket, People, Greyhound Recordings
4. MD III, Face The Nation, Underground
5. Secret Studio, Grime Time, Secret Studio Records
6. John Truelove, Chris Liberator & D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Off, Truelove Electronic Communications
7. Secret Studio, Grime Time (D-Wynn Remix), Secret Studio Records
8. Groovestyle, Freedom Train (Underground Mix), S.O.D. The Sound Of Detroit
9. Wee Papa Girls, Wee Know It (Total S Mix), Hook Up Tunes
10. Maheras, This is the Girl, Into The Woods
11. Idjut Boys, Main Balls, Headinghome Recordings
12. Blue Soul, Deep Inside (Sleight of Hands Mix) Roam Recordings
13. Homero G., Satisfaction, Inner Sunset Recordings
14. Rhythm Is Rhythm, Kaos (Digital Order Mix), Hook Up Tunes
15. Paul Rutherford, Get Real (Happy House Mix), 4th & Broadway
16. DJD, Feelin The Party Groove, Noid Recordings

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