Halloween is my favorite time  of year. It’s a day where everyone allows their creativity to shine. Costume parties are the best, people are a less inhibited and allow themselves to have a little more fun.

The day after Halloween is All Soul’s Day and a time to remember loved ones who have passed on. Celebrate life by remembering the dead= Immortality

Due to serendipitous scheduling issues, this Halloween mix comes a week early! Including a bunch of Halloween [un]classics  as well as a few releases by my unintentional label of the week, Pinkman records. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

OMAKASE, Episode 69

Airdate: October 23, 2016
Tracklisting, [artist, title, label]

  1. David Bowie, Please Mr. Grave Digger, David Bowie, Deram
  2. Talking Heads, Gotta Tape I Want To Play [GW Edit], Disco Deviance
  3. Alessandro Adriani, You’ll Simply Never Understand The True Meaning Of Sacrifice, Guerilla Warfare, Pinkman
  4. Mark du Mosch, Special Forces, The Red Hour, Pinkman
  5. Adonis presents Pop Dell’ Arte, No Way Back, Tribute EP, Mathematics Recordings
  6. Art Crime, Dead Carnation,  Still Life, Pinkman
  7. Goblin, Tenebre [SSUK edit], Tenebre, Arcobaleno Records
  8. Kid Machine, Night Freaks [dub], Replicants, Viewlexx
  9. Neneh Cherry & the Circuit, Dead Comes Alive, Trevor jackson presents Science Ficton Dancehall Classics, On-U Sound
  10. Eon, Fear: The Mindkiller (Altered Edit), Void Dweller, Vinyl Solution
  11. Dj Overdose, Reinforcements, Higher & Higher, Pinkman
  12. Carl Craig, Darkness (Radio Slave Remix), Darkness, White Label
  13. Cerrone, Supernature (Last Days Edit), White Label
  14. Naum Gabo, It’s On (Tevo Howard Acid Mix), It’s On, Let’s Play House
  15. Cultural Vibe, Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version), Ma Foom Bey, Easystreet
  16. The Freaks, The Creeps (Steve Bug Remix), The Creeps (You’re Giving Me The), International DJ Gigolos
  17. Was (Not Was),Out Come The Freaks (Extended Version), Out Come The Freaks, Island
  18. Jerome Hill, Halloween Techno Track
  19. Mark du Mosch, The Red Hour, The Red Hour, Pinkman
  20. Levon Vincent, Tubular Bells (Oldfield), Birds, Novel Sound
  21. Chris Moss Acid, Spatial Dimensions, Righteous Acid Beats, Computer Controlled Records
  22. Peeping Tom, Soaring, Voyeurism & Violence, Pinkman
  23. Oppenheimer Analysis, the Devil’s Dancers, Oppenheimer Analysis, Minimal Wave
  24. Victrola, Maritime Tatami (Alkalino edit), White Label
  25. Rayko, Spooky (Rayko Mighty Gargamel edit), Night Of The Living Edits, vol 1,Nude_isco
  26. Direct, Let It Ride, Let It Ride, Allabi Records
  27. Comateens, Munsters, Monsters, Call Me Records
  28. Carl Bradney, Slipping Into Darkness, Slipping Into Darkness, Orchid

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