Kicking off my 6th season with lots of great new music!

OMAKASE, Episode 66b
Air Date: October 2, 2016
KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine

Tracklist [Artist, Title, Release, Label]

  1.  Mr Fingers, Stars, Slam Dance, Alleviated
  2. Ron Trent, Sweet Chocolate, Jazz It Up, Future Vision Records
  3. Giles Dickerson, Inward Passing Signs, From Chicago to Detroit V4, Descendents of the Deep
  4. Jack J, Thirstin’, Thirstin’, Future Times
  5. Pilooski, AAA, Rvng of the Nrds Vol 10, Rvng Intl
  6. Signal Flex, Copper Pipes $1.66, Run The Length of your Wildness Vol. 1, Run The Length of your Wildness
  7. Imarhan, Imarhan (Moscoman Remix), Imarhan, Disco Halal
  8. New Jackson, Jam On Summer, Make It Mine, Permanent Vacation
  9. Cliff Lothar, Ringleader (Original Mix), White Savage, Viewlexx
  10. Praus, Lucas Valley Dr, Lucas Valley Drive, Leng
  11. Phuture The Next Generation, Times Fade (Old Skool Mix), Times Fade, Djax
  12. Jeremy, Rhythmus 1, Extra 3, Tonika Records
  13. Darin Marshall, EthnoTechnic(Ghosts)-UNRELEASED
  14. Split Secs, Rhummy (Tom Noble Remix), Rhummy, Machine Limited
  15. Overlast, Nipples, Voyage Direct: First Mission, Voyage Direct
  16. Convextion, Distant Transmission, 2845, a.r.t.less
  17. Real D, Rhodes That, Waxthefacts 002, Waxthefacts
  18. Phuture, Slam, We Are Phuture, Traxx
  19. Underground Resistance, Transition (acapella), Transition , Underground Resistance

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