Kicking off the year slow and funky and building things up- just like I hope 2021 to go. A big rest in power to the legendary Shabba Doo who passed last week. Honoring him by working in Ollie & Jerry, “There’s no stopping us” which was the title track of the Breakin’ soundtrack. A movie that starred Shabba Doo and introduced LA’s hip-hop scene which hadn’t really been featured in the mainstream before. Bonus points for checking out the documentary the movie was based on, “Breakin’ & Enterin'”.

Hour two is back to the future. So much great music to play and lots of hope for 2021. Hope you had a happy New year and looking forward to Season 23 of OMAKASE that start next week!!
-Raf/ Gold Code

Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Pools, Trife Lite
2. Millos Kaiser, Tela Quente (Edit)
3. Jose Padilla, Afrikosa
4. Symptoms Of Love, Nightwatch (Cassette Mix)
5. Omega Supreme Records, SuperStucture
6. Srwn, Lonnie’s Blues
7. Colored Music, Colored Music
8. Kid Machine, Ancient Secrets Of Mankind
9. Polysick, Nightwalk
10. Payge, Funkshun
11. Linkwood & Other Lands, Porty
12. Mameen 3, Ohrwurm Boogie
13. Temptations, Treat Her Like A Lady (Super Long 12” Club)
14. The Armed Gang, All I Want (Long 12″ inch Mix)
15. Stone, Time (long version)
16. Ollie & Jerry, Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us (Club Mix)
17. DJ Plead, Ess
18. Dawl, Brutal Science
19. Star-kid, Gamma Intel, 543ff, Three City Firm
20. Arsonist Recorder, Coma Toys
21. Big Miz, Stay Awake
22. Putsch ’79, Las Palmas
23. R-A-G, Rage
24. Octa Octa, We Will Be Together Forever
25. Serial Error, Art Academy Talk (Vocal)
26. Richard Sen, Varanasi Sunrise
27. Rove Ranger, In My Mind
28. Dj Rush, Cruising
29. Unpin, Bang Tool
30. Dawl, Break It Down
31. Unknown Artist, Tones Breaks 3
32. Driss Bennis pres. OCB, One More Time (ft. Detroit’s Filthiest)
33. Prime Minister Of Doom, Tribal Days Part III
34. Jackmate, Mink

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