2020 is finally coming to an end. For my last show of the year, I’m going to keep looking FORWARD. No recaps, no best of 2020. Too much good music coming out to rehash.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that some of the best music comes out of the most trying times. All this isolation everywhere is not unlike Scandinavia or Detroit in the winter. Where its too cold to do anything else but stay in and put in work. Looking forward to all the pandemic music coming out now and in the next year. I hope we can return to the KUCI studio and the dancefloor sooner than later.

Stay tuned,
-Raf/ Gold Code

Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Sonns & Tavish, Trycksaker (Original Mix)
2. Tassilo Vanhoefen, Plavalaguna
3. A. Stantz, Invictus
4. Patti Boulaye, You Stepped Into My Life (Disco Mix)
5. Ma Spaventi, Falla! (Made Out)
6. Legowelt, مستقبلية موسيقى الراي الإلكترونية TR808
7. Caltrop, Toolbox
8. Anthiliawaters, Me Not Need
9. Tv.Out, Product of My Environment
10. Alan1, Ringtone Sonata
11. Zenker Brothers, Transforming Well
12. Ma Spaventi, The Jungle
13. Les Yeux Orange, Drôle De Drague
14. Errortica, Vision of Love
15. Jeffrey Osborne, Plane Love (12″ Mix)
16. Jeri-Jeri, Bamba Version
17. Luca Lozano, Zussamen (Bongo Mix)
18. DJ Plead & Anunaku, Clap Clap
19. Denham Audio, Bobby Wobbler
20. Dawl, Break It Down (Kosh Remix)
21. Unknown Artist, Giralda 002 [OGEWHITE006]
22. Cari Lekebusch & Alexi Delano, Hold Watcha Got
23. Martin Matiske, Practise
24. Marlow, I Wanna Be
25. R-A-G, Dreadfully (Stoned Version)
26. Nullptr, Bit Device
27. Prime Minister Of Doom, Tribal Days Part II
28. Sally C, Let’s Get This
29. Kosh, Casablanca Vice
30. CRISPR, Dyad Symmetry
31. Brendan M. Gillen & Derek Plaslaiko, Your Mind Is Mine

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