Tracklist [Artist,Title]

1. Polito, Sublunary (Original Mix)
2. Capablanca & T.Keeler, La Konk Fiesta
3. The Armed Gang, All I want (Instrumental)
4. Prince Charles And The City Beat Band, Bush Beat
5. Space Garage, Space Garage (Extended Venom Mix)
6. Autarkic, Solo Gun
7. Traumprinz, Feel
8. Disrute x Cassette, STV (Garn to The Vale Mix)
10. A. Stantz, Petrol Fangs
11. Synths Versus Me, Goodbye Horses (Buffalo Synths Mix)
12. Exhausted Modern, Outer Self
13. Larionov & St. Theodore, Required Substance
14. The Deadstock 33s & Stopmakingme, Autumn
15. C. Scott, Leaving U
16. Extrawelt, Rhodes Thang
17. Ortrotasce, Object Missing
18. Dj Kaos, Region Centrale
19. Luca Lozano, Mister Right Now
20. Soreab, Cave Walk (Cando Remix)
21. Prime Minister Of Doom, Getting Things Started
22. Damon Wild, Avion (Sound Of The Enders Remix)
23. Mark Flash, Audiofluid
24. Christina Chatfield, Ascent (Noncompliant’s Persist Mix)
25. Joton, Under Control (Original Mix)
26. Stones Taro, Holy Holly (Original Mix)
27. DJ Butters, Broken
28. 3 Down, Deep Trip (UK Mix)
29. Wachita China, STILL L00K1NG FOR DA SOUND
30. Hertz Collision, Vent
31. Chateau, Feelings (Dj ‘s’ Bootleg Xtended Dance R-Mix)
32. Hattori Hanzo, Sword 6
33. Mr. G, Attacked Beatz
34. Ben Sims, Day One, I Can See The Light
35. Dave Aju, Go

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