This week’s mix comes from an interview/ guest mix I did last week for my friends, Isolator up in San Francisco.

Isolator is dj duo, Peter Clarke and Clairity. Clairity and I go way back to the early 00s, co-promoting a techno weekly, IMPULSE back when playing techno and electro in San Francisco was a rarity. To this day, one of the parties I’m most proud of and she was one of the best people to work with!

This mix is full of old and new San Francisco Bay area techno and electro amongst current favorites from all over the world + a bonus smattering of Halloween tunes to finish out the set.

Closing out this week’s post urging you all to VOTE!!! Next week: celebration or commiseration?

Tracklist [Artist,Title]

1. Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano, The Side Effects Of Ambitions
2. Hattori Hanzo, Sword 3
3. Rove Ranger, Narkoman
4. Dorisburg, 148
5. Border One, Crude 01
6. Chris Jackson, Drifting Off (Original Mix)
7. Pearson Sound, Alien Mode
8. Damon Wild, Avion (Ascion Remix)
9. JX-216, Shaping Shadows (Original Mix)
10. Developer, Western Ways (Oscar Mulero Remix Digital 1)
11. The Tourist, Measured Space
12. Ole Mic Odd, Don’t Stop
13. DJ Life, Squar
14. Gosub, The Above
15. Christina Chatfield, Descent (Tape Ghost’s Terminal Velocity Mix)
16. Robert Hood, The Cure
17. Cherushii, In Defense Of Colors
18. Type-303, Life In Mono
19. Nitzer Ebb, Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental)
20. Tavish, THE TIME AGO (Tavish DJ edit)
21. The Advent, It One Jah (Damon Wild Remix)
22. Shawn Rudiman, Voidesque
23. The Advent, Overseeya (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
24. WK7, The Avalanche
25. Cybrid, Red Light District [live recording]
26. Teslasonic, Room 207
27. Cyan85, Chase Your Mind
28. Ministry, Everyday Is Halloween
29. sequential, psychotonic(long demon mix)
30. Anne Clarke, Our Darkness (Members Only Edit)
31. Bam Bam, Where’s Your Child? (Suck Mix)
32. Gene Hunt, Freddy’s Dead
33. Gesloten Cirkel, Zombie Machine (Acid)

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