Kicking off Season 22 with a guest mix by Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer, Stephen R. [zygote/ architects & heroes, los angeles].

DJ Stephen R. is a Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer with releases on Under the Radar Records, Alectric, Sounds Are Active, and Architects and Heroes. He has performed with some of underground music’s most well-known names, including Kool Keith, Jeff Parker [Tortoise], Peaches, Kid606, Richard Devine and Gold Chains.

Check out his Architects & Heroes, livestream every Tuesday at 12 Noon PST, with “in-conversation” interviews with artists, musicians, producers, and creatives of all stripes. Also be on the lookout for a new Zygote release very soon!!

Tracklist [Artist,Title, Album]

1. Toro y Moi, Freelance
2. Dave Aju, LAX
3. Cygnus, Hallucinate Data
4. Zygote, Raise the Dead
5. Nordic Soul, BMX Love Machine
6. Flying Lotus, Do the Astral Plane
7. Zygote, The Robot Kingdom
8. Todd Sines, Coast
9. JAK, Crawl (Feat. Luis Rosario & Audioelectronic)
10. John Tejada, Moving 909s
11. Jack Dover, Sektor Atom (Funky Dub Mix)
12. Kit Clayton, Deadlock (Pole Remaster)
13. Gold Code, The Day After (Jonah Sharp Remix)
14. Audioelectronic, Acid Love
15. Wajatta, Marmite
16. Convextion, Exploration
17. Yo La Tengo, Stephan Mathieu [Hoboken Beach Bums] Edit
18. Prefuse 73, Washington Heights Lovers
19. A Grape Dope, Puppet Clubbing
20. Kraftwerk, Radio Stars
21. Zygote, Monorail
22. Inspector Double Negative & Special Guest, Do Your Own Thing
23. Matthewdavid, LA is Beautiful
24. Oval, Store Check
25. Pole, Überfahrt
26. Tim Hecker, Into the void
27. Pluramon, Dragon Slayer (Velvet 77 Mix by Jorg Burger).
28. Sufjan Stevens, Gilgamesh
29. Oneohtrix Point Never, Long Road Home
30. Boards of Canada, Collapse
31. Tortoise, I set my face to the hillside
32. Lusine, Retrace
33. Dabrye, First Law of…
34. DJ Spooky, William Burroughs, Iggy Pop, Techno Animal, The Western Land
35. The Orb, Alpine Dawn

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