Tracklist [Artist,Title, Album]

1. Sopoorific, Neon Lights
2. Exhausted Modern, Straight Folded
3. Applescal, Legobeats
4. Exhausted Modern, Transgression
5. Tv.Out, Lord
6. Legowelt, Soul Smackossa
7. Mameen 3, Salsa Del Jeque
8. Planet Trip, Luni (Millos Kaiser Edit)
9. Tavish, TALK TO ME LATELY (Tavish DJ edit)
10. Johnny Wakelin, We are all together in Afro Afrique(Smacked Out Version)
11. Technobeton, Technobeton 2017
12. Animous, Dreamdealer (Original Mix)
13. Paul Blackford, Betamax
14. Planet Trip, Swimming In Acid With Sharks (GFH Edit)
15. Jungle Wonz, Human Condition
16. Love club, Das rote haar (Cheveux rouge dub)
17. Kush Jones, Earth Note
18. Shawn Rudiman, Stelline Memories
19. Earth Boys, Sonoma
20. RITMOS, Finding Who You Are – Ft. Jon Dixon
21. Eros, Eros 03X – Track 4
22. Gosub, Quarter Roy
23. Serial Error, Art Academy Talk (Vocoder)
24. Romain FX, Fray
25. DJ Plead & Anunaku, Haze
26. Patricia, Dripping
27. Legowelt, celestialluv
28. Developer, Hooked In
29. Pinch, Change Is A Must feat. Inezi
30. Damon Wild, Avion (Dave Ellesmere Remix)
31. Cyan85, Orbital Romance

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