Tracklist [Artist,Title, Album]

1. Mogwaa, Suavecito (original mix)
2. Grupo Controle Digital, A Festa É Nossa
3. Operator 5, Make your body
4. Nummer, The Magic City
5. Code 718, Equinox (The Original Concept)
6. Chuks Ejelonu, Inner Vision
7. Sano X Siwo, Maha Swona
8. Paul St. Hilaire, Redeem
9. Alma Negra, Dakar Disco
10. Phenomenal Handclap Band, Judge Not (Ray Mang Disco Mix)
11. Further Reductions, Array
12. Suzanne Kraft, String of Numbers
13. Prins Thomas, Luftspeiling (Bogus Beat)
14. Further Reductions, Death to the Beat
15. Tavish, BRAIN GOIN ROUND (Tavish house edit)
16. A.C. Band, Good Feelings (Vocal Version)
17. Franz Scala, Gun Theory
18. Fresh & Low, Intersect
19. Kai Alce & Omar S, Jive Time (original beats mix)
20. Deblase, No Justice No Peace [feat. Casey Malone]
21. Hattori Hanzo, Sword 7
22. Border One, Restless
23. , Flutters
24. HRDFLR, Let’s Continue The Saga
25. Non Reversible, Acidalia
26. Amato Y Mariana, Quieres Bailar
27. Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano, Realms Of Consciousness
28. The Advent, Overseeya (Mark Bell Remix)
29. Blue Hour, Shimmer (Vladimir Dubyshkin ‘Body’ Mix)
30. MD III, Face The Nation
31. YWF, OV-099 (Grad_U Reconstruction)
32. OCB, Studio Felix
33. Turk Turkelton, Bass Freak

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