Support Black Lives Matter

This show is in memory of Galen Stagner aka Elias Smith. R.I.P.

Tracklist [Artist,Title, Album]

1. DJ Slyngshot, Untitled B1
2. Pavel Milyakov, styx vol 3
3. Marcel Dettmann & Silent Servant, The Bond
4. KUMP, Maybe/Sure (Gil.Barte remix)
5. MI AMI, Free Of Life (Original Mix)
6. Fresh & Low, Be With Me Tonight
7. Animous, Clouds (Original Mix)
8. Tavish, THE DEPTH INSIDE (Tavish DJ edit)
9. Prins Thomas, Graut (Fango Remix)
10. Thee J Johanz, l’ectric nelly
11. Serial Error, Afro Gothic
12. Inga Mauer, Dystopia
13. Nanda Rossi, Livre Pra Voar (Millos Kaiser Edit)
14. Pascal, Arcipelago
15. Unknown Artist, Untitled 02
16. Anthiliawaters, Concept1
17. H. Brunner, Senses
18. Mark Flash, Liquid Drive
19. Star-kid, Gamma Intel, 543ff, Three City Firm (543ff Remix)
20. Type-303, Delays
21. Joonam, Tightrope (OCB Remix)
22. 543ff, Easy
23. NØRBAK;Temudo, Value of Icons
24. Juan Trujillo, Espacio En Blanco (Original Mix)
25. Hattori Hanzo, Sword 2
26. Function, Golden Dawn (Feat Stefanie Parnow)
27. Citric Acid, Face Down (SIRC RMX)
28. Silent Breed, Ancient Game
29. The Advent, It One Jah (Steve Bicknell Re-Edit)
30. Hadone, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
31. Takaaki Itoh, Warbler (Original Mix)

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