GOLD CODE [#. artist, title]

playlist for the first hour [2nd hour was vinyl]…

  1. Anunaku, Bronze Age
  2. Gamma Intel, Automatic Illusion
  3. Philou Louzolo, Shinobi Of Lagos
  4. Pépé Bradock, Peeped Booths
  5. Benjamin Damage, Ripple
  6. Gary Martin, Enchanting Voyage
  7. Tellus, The Beat Of The Year (Da Mighty Dub Mix)
  8. FRACTIONS, Dissuasion
  9. Skatebard, Data Italia
  10. Skatebard, Way Out (Plastique De Reve Mix)
  11. 2 Dawgs, It’s A Dawgs Life (Second Skin Remix by Guido Schneider)
  12. Helena Hauff, Sea Shore Acid
  13. Alain Kepler, (caps)
  14. Exterminador, You Are Not I
  15. Blue Soul, We Met At The Sun (Original Mix)
Gold Code dj set

Steve Massa [cosmic afterhours, oc]

Ever since I moved to Orange County 5 years ago, I’ve seen Steve Massa mentioned or on a flyer wherever I went. Finally through plenty of mutual friends we got one of OC’s mainstays to come out for a 2 hour set! Steve definitely lived up to the hype! Catch Steve at his Cosmic Afterhours residency or here.

Steve Massa Dj set

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