Tracklisting [#, artist, title]

1. An-i + Unhuman, Cannibals
2. PTU, Castor and Pollux
3. Proxyan, Human-Error Processor
4. L.F.T., Visitors
5. Emanon, Susie (The Dub Version) Bonus Track
6. D_Roots, Stream Of Data
7. i need to freak (cirkit breaks the freak)
8. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor, Meh’chanic
9. Helena Hauff, Message From Filippo
10. Scott Franka, Sweep / Tool
11. Conforce, Aphelion
12. Grumptronix, Pocket Rocket
13. Kendal, Ultimo
14. Karenn, Crush the Mushrooms
15. Bleaching Agent, Aweil
16. Diode, 06Funk
17. 10, A jam 7
18. Gary Martin, Perfectly Good
19. (T-N) Human Space Machine, Em 0tns – De Lichting –
20. Aux88, My AUX Mind (Egyptian Lover Mix)
21. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor, Rotorwerks
22. , [RTTD004] Umwelt -b2- Libertés Imaginées
23. Proxyan, Artificial Superstition
24. Moscow Death Disco, We Punk Ravers
25. Gamma Intel, No Way Out
26. Morah, Take All
27. Fallbeil, Orontius
28. Heidi Lord, Lo pan
29. Conforce, Io
30. Marc Ash, Beirut Calling
31. Pépé Bradock, Boom Boom Crash
32. Karenn, Peel Me Easy
33. Compo mendes, Compo mendes
34. tx81z, googol
35. Karenn, Strawbs
36. Taupe, Equilibrium
37. Philou Louzolo, Shinobi Of Kinshasa
38. Karenn, Lemon Dribble
39. Helena Hauff, Spirals Of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys
40. Gamma Intel, Fata M
41. The Boys From Chariss, Sunday Morning in Bristol
42. Pépé Bradock, Yasuke
43. Negroni Nails, White Matter
44. Frust, Nacre
45. Karenn, Cloy


Tonight’s special guest is Man A Machine [send>>return, long beach] all the way live! Catch his monthly live sets at SEND>>RETURN every 3rd Saturday at The Good Bar in Long Beach and stay tuned for upcoming releases!

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