Tracklisting [#. artist, title]

1. Neneh Cherry & the Circuit, Dead Come Alive
2. Was (not was), Out come the freaks
3. Anthony Rother, Freaks D1
4. The Mod Wheel, Spiritcatcher
5. Phuture, Spirit (DJ Pierre Tribal Mix)
6. Gene Hunt, Freddy’s Dead (Original Mix)
7. Bam Bam, Where’s Your Child? (Suck Mix)
8. ADSX with Hanoben, Scream (Sharif Laffrey Nightwork)
9. Shit Hot Soundsystem, Psycho Killer (Shit Hot Soundsystem Patrick Bateman rework)
10. Massimiliano Pagliara, Sometimes At Night
11. Cerrone, Supernature (Last Days Edit)
12. Gesloten Cirkel, Zombie Machine (Acid)
13. Carl Bradney, slipping into darkness


Tonight’s special guest was OMAKASE resident-emeritus, FLOPPY DISCO! Currently at the helm of The Lunar Saloon at KLBP [long beach] and resident dj at Incidental Beats amongst many other projects.

Tracklisting [#. artist, title, release]

  1. Moon Wiring Club, Circling The Stage, Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets
  2. Jasss, No Chance, Es Complicado
  3. INIT, Talking About Talking, Two Pole Resonance
  4. Transilvanian Galaxi, Atle, Transilvanian Galaxi
  5. Intergalactic Gary & Pasiphae, Second Term, Made Of Glass EP
  6. Kris Baha, Notion Of Dismay, Can’t Keep The Fact
  7. Jako Maron, Maloya Valsé chok 1, Les Experiences Electro Maloya de Jako Maron
  8. Bent Boys, Walk The Night (Extended Version), Walk The Night
  9. First Patrol, Nightmare (Freddie’s Mix), Nightmare (Freddie’s Mix)
  10. Euro Ferrari, The Rocky Horror Disco Show, The Rocky Horror Disco Show
  11. Cherook, Licanthrope, Licanthrope
  12. Hammer, Addams Groove, Addams Groove
  13. The Monster Pack, Monster Rapp, Monster Rapp
  14. Harry Manfredini, Theme From Friday The 13th (Part 3), Friday The 13th (Meurtres En Trois Dimensions)
  15. Catch Featuring Marilyn Middleton, Mephisto’s Nightmare, Mr. Nice Guy / Mephisto’s Nightmare
  16. Piramis, Dracula, Dracula
  17. The Champs’ Boys Orchestra, Tubular Bells, Tubular Bells (Discoversion)
  18. Magic Mail, Devil Of The Fire, Devil Of The Fire / Magic Lover
  19. Sweet Exorcist, Igor’s Reggae, All The Hits Of Monster Disco Sound
  20. Scientist, Night Of The Living Dead, Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires
  21. Moon Wiring Club, Perfect In Puddings, Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets
  22. Richard Band, Space Garbage, Terror Vision (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  23. Ataraxia, Sorcerer, The Unexplained

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