KIcking off Season 12 with a guest mix from LILLYANNE [heading home, los angeles]!

OMAKASE, episode 144a
Airdate: 4/8/2017
*tracklist* [artist, title]

  1. Mr. Barcode, Talk About [mr. Barcode’s Acid & Mustard Remix)
  2. Giles Dickerson, Everythings Change
  3. Defenders Of The Faith, Kola, Kola! [Guitar dub edit]
  4. One Deck & Popular, Son of Stitt [the debonairs mix]
  5. The Members, Going West [Dance Mix]
  6. El Coco, Cocomotioon [Idjut Boys edit 2]
  7. Idjut Boys, Balls Dub
  8. Tussle, Windmill [soft pink truth disco hijack]
  9. Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi, Imago
  10. Tamarah, Slipping Into Darkness [Club Mix]
  11. Crispin J. Glover, Boiling Point
  12. Stone, Girl I Like The Way You Move
  13. Angel Moraes, Sound So Good [Garage Bass U Vibe Mix]
  14. Musiccargo, Black Horse
  15. Hedford Vachal, Alan Vs Gary
  16. Michael Walsh, Strobe Light [Disco Light Acid Black]
  17. The Juan Mclean, My Time is Running Out

OMAKASE, episode 144b
Airdate: 4/8/2017


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