OMAKASE, episode 128a
Airdate: 12/10/2017

#. Artist, Title
1. World Premiere, Share the Night (Breakdown Mix)
2. Primal Scream, Screamadelica (OOFT Music Edit)
3. Supervo, Phili
4. Paresse, Hypno Hips
5. Machete Savane, Manticore
6. Roberto Rodriguez, Mustat Varjot
7. The Hacker, Underwater Sequence
8. Im Kellar, Golden Queen
9. Donato Dozzy, Donato Dozzy – B
10. Pye Corner Audio, Island Of Ghosts
11. Bonnie & Klein, Maraschino
12. Uabos, Emergency Call
13. Dan Shake, Out of Sight
14. Teddy Douglas & Louis Radio, The Violin
15. Tony Orlando, Don’t Let Go (PH Edit)


@colemedina returns to OMAKASE with some holiday maaaagic!

OMAKASE, episode 126b
Airdate: 12/10/2017
DJ: @colemedina
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