Air Date: February 27, 2016
KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA
DJ: Floppy Disco

Tracklist [Artist,Title,Release]

  1. Pastor John Rydgren, Disadvantages Of Life, Silhouette Segments
  2.  Le Groupe X, Mixontro, Out Off
  3.  Nini Raviolette, Suis-Je Normale, Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979 – 1987
  4.  Robert Schröder, Space Detective, Space Detective / Skywalker
  5.  Q, Video Girl, Q
  6.  Hiroshi Sato, Son Go Kuw, Orient
  7.  Liberty City, Some Lovin’ (Deep Dub), Some Lovin’
  8.  Cola Boy, 7 Ways To Love (Straight To The Cola Boy Head), 7 Ways To Love
  9.  Squadra Blanco, Night Of The Illuminati, Night Of The Illuminati
  10.  Barry De Vorzon, Theme From “The Warriors”, The Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  11.  John Gibbs And The U.S. Steel Orchestra, Trinidad (Special Disco Mix), Trinidad
  12.  Gillo, Sulle Tue Dita, Josely
  13.  Disco Dance Machine, Dream Machine, The Androids
  14.  Die Partei, Ostafrika, La Freiheit Des Geistes
  15.  Was (Not Was), Wheel Me Out, Wheel Me Out
  16.  Vanity 6, Make-Up, Vanity 6
  17.  Paulette, I Want You Back (Instrumental), I Want You Back
  18.  IKO, Digital Delight, Digital Delight / Approach On Tokyo


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