Air Date: February 13, 2016
KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA
DJ: Floppy Disco

Tracklist [Artist,Title,Release]

  1. Mirko, Today, Today
  2. Crazy Gang, Telephone Computer (Edit), We Are The Crazy Gang
  3.  Steve Doesn’t Drive, Woman And Car (Instrumental), Woman And Car
  4.  Maurice McGee, Do I Do (Instrumental), Do I Do
  5.  Ris, Love-N-Music, Love-N-Music
  6.  Pluton and Humanoids, World Invaders, World Invaders
  7.  Savoir Faire & The Uptown Express, Let’s Rock, Break And Boogie, Let’s Rock, Break And Boogie / Break
  8.  Ghecko, Firelight (Instrumental), Firelight
  9.  Gee Gee And The Gym Band, Magic Kaboola, Magic Kaboola
  10.  The Disco Dog, I’m Gonna Break Your Bones, I’m Gonna Break Your Bones
  11.  Timerider, Timerider, Cocoon (Dance Version)
  12.  Future World Orchestra, Casablanca Nights, Desire
  13.  Raffaele Fiume, Emotion, Emotion
  14.  Capricorn, I Need Love, I Need Love
  15.  Message From Future, Robot Is…, Robot Is…
  16.  First Patrol, Theme From V, Theme From V
  17.  Wol Vo, Heartbeats, Heartbeats
  18.  New Paradise, Exercise, New Paradise
  19.  Lustt, Pillow Talk (Dub Instrumental), Pillow Talk
  20.  Funky Family, Funky Is On (Original Mix), Funky Is On
  21.  Pedestrians, Commuter Fantasy, Commuter Fantasy
  22.  Betty Miranda, Take Me To The Top, Take Me To The Top
  23.  Trilogy, Not Love, Not Love
  24.  Patrizia Pellegrino, Musica Spaziale, Matta-Ta / Musica Spaziale
  25.  Noa-Noa, Harry ‘O (Instrumental), Harry ‘O
  26.  Ronnie Jones, Richman, Richman / My Dance Exercizes
  27.  Montego, One Two Three (Christian edit), Malibou

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