OMAKASE Mixshow #23A

OMAKASE, Episode 23A
Air Date: November 21, 2015
KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine, CA
Tracklist [Artist,Title,Release, Label]
  1. Kamuran Akkor, Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz, 7”, Istanbul Plak
  2. Unouzbeck & Venturi, Mumbay Disco Sensation, Houmous Pour Tous, Ostra Discos
  3. Foster, Neon Life,Neon Life, Phantom Island
  4. Daniele Baldelli, Girotondo, Phobos 2006, Gomma
  5. Body Party, P.P.P.T., Body Party, Common Thread
  6. Sir Stephen, Bastard Prince, Pagan Future, W.T. Records
  7. Traxx, Decay Dubb-It Tape, Revenge of the Poulet Cat, Macadam Mambo
  8. IN-D, Beat IN-D Dream,Beat IN-D Dream, Subway
  9. T-R-P, This Is The Place, This Is the Place, MG Records
  10. Body Party, Terminator One, Body Party, Common Thread
  11. Alexis Le-Fan, Love To Hate, Full Moon Edits Vol 1., Les Edits Du Golem
  12. Daniele Baldelli, Phobos 2006, Gomma
  13. Matrixx, Name Of The Beat, Name Of The Beat, AMI
  14. Albion, The Mirror Forrest, Disco Mambo, Macadam Mambo

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