OMAKASE Mixshow #1A

Air Date: June 10, 2015
KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA
DJ: Floppy Disco

Tracklist [Artist,Title,Release,Label]

  1. Leon Lowman, Open, Liquid Diamonds
  2. Ataraxia, The Unexplained, The Unexplained
  3. Dinosaur L, #3 (In The Cornbelt), 24 -> 24 Music
  4. Gloria Piedimonte, Ping Pong Space, Ping Pong Space
  5. Disco Connection, Butterfly Dance, Disco Connection Vol. 2
  6. Joyce, Try Me, Try Me
  7. Cruisers, Space Hotel, Hossa-Ho (The Warrior)
  8. Deodato, Super Strut, Deodato 2
  9. Echoes Of, Echoes Of Jerusalem, Echoes Of Jerusalem
  10. Ashra, Club Cannibal, Correlations
  11. Black Safari, Magical Ring, Light Flight
  12. Experimental Products, Love Changes, Glowing In The Dark
  13. Krisma, Heroes Of The Sea, Nothing To Do With The Dog
  14. The Garden (Instrumental), ‘Lectric Workers, The Garden
  15. Mr. Flagio, Take A Chance, Take A Chance

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