OMAKASE Mixshow #16A


Air Date: October 3, 2015
KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA
DJ: Floppy Disco

Tracklist [Artist, Title, Release]

  1. Cybotron, Colossus, Colossus
  2. El Coco, The Count Of Monte Disco, Mondo Disco
  3. The Generations, Check List, Check List
  4. Jean Pierre Decerf, Like The Wind You Are, Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 2
  5. African Suite, In The Pocket, African Suite
  6. Bombers, Disco Galaxy, Bombers 2
  7. Disgooo Band, Disgooo, Disgooo
  8. French Bread, Disco Coo Coo, Disco Coo Coo
  9. M. Chantereau/P.A. Dahan/S. Pezin, Cold Coke, Disco & Co Vol. 2
  10. Munich Machine, Space Warrior, Body Shine
  11. Electric Machine, Fancy Good, Disco Fashion
  12. Black Devil, Timing, Forget the Timing, Disco Club
  13. Bamboo, Travelling Through Space And Time, Bamboo
  14. Cento, Photochrome (Pt.#1), Photochrome
  15. Sandwich, Mustang, Let’s Go
  16. Arpadys, Mystery Rock, Arpadys
  17. Life, Cats Eyes, Cat’s Eyes / Death In The Family
  18. Petr & Pavel ORM, Weekend, Discofil
  19. Jean-Claude Vannier, L`enfant Au Royaume Des Mouches, L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches

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