OMAKASE, episode 99
Airdate: 5/21/2017

–TRACKLIST (Artist, Title)–
1. Blade, Liam & J Nabb,Talking About the Power(Phunk Club)
2. Steven Wobblejay, Things to Do
3. Mark du Mosch, Vigil
4. Leyo, Barcelona Boogie
5. Mad Rey, Hard Ferailleurs
6. Tikkle, Give Into Our Rhythm
7. NY Housin Authority, Fort Greene Hous e
8. Sharif Laffrey, Key Jam A.C.I.D
9. Eon, spice (the baron’s dub)
10. Vernon Felicity, Running Late
11. Octo Octa, When Home
12. Al Tone, Teach the People
13. ARK, A Dub Supreme {Dave Aju Mix]
14. Block 16, Electrokution(Brennan Green & Daniel Wang Remix)
15. The Crystal Ark, The City Never Sleeps (Instrumental)
16. Jkriv & The Disco Machine, Make It Acid (Idjut Boys Mix)
17. The Future Sound of London, Stolen Documents (Jazz Dub)
18. Cherushii, Set You Free

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