OMAKASE #256, Celebrating the 8/08


Even thought today’s show comes a day late after the actual 8/08, I am keeping the party going with my own tribute to my favorite drum machine!

TRACKLISTING [# Artist Track Album]

1. L.F.T., Follow The Operator (Original Mix)
2. Cryogenetic, Feel Da Groove
3. Chris Moss Acid, The Mosquitto (Remastered)
4. Chris Jackson, Drifting Off (Original Mix)
5. Star-kid, Gamma Intel, 543ff, Three City Firm (543ff Remix)
6. 543ff, Easy
7. Afrodesia, Orion Beat
8. Aloka, Red Shift
9. Assembler Code, O.Y.M.
10. Textasy, Hold Up Wait A Minute
11. Egyptian Lover, And My Beat Goes Boom
12. Anthony Rother, Rubber Skirt
13. Freestyle, It’s Automatic (Dub Mix)
14. DxJ and The Miami Bass Mob, Bass Wars
15. The Exaltics feat. Egyptian Lover, Exterminate
16. Sem, Phox V.5
17. Exzakt, Clarity (Hydraulix Remix)
18. Gold Code, The Day After (Original Mix)
19. James Pants, Cosmic Rapp (Egyptian Lover Remix)
20. Seqta, Bboy Xtravaganza
21. DJ Quest & DJ 2 Fresh, Electro Pilot
22. DETROIT’S FILTHIEST, No One Can Hear You Scream
23. Eoism, The Wire
24. Cybereign, Warp Tunnel (Original Mix)
25. Exzakt, Transfusion (Brice Kelly Remix)
26. DJ Matrix, Jam (It’s Time) (Vocal)
27. Tensal;Komatssu, Finite In Nature
28. Maelstrom, Heat Wave

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