Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Akumen, Mode 2 (House Flip)
2. Ben Buitendijk, Contamination Zone
3. Perm, A1
4. Richie Hawtin, Minus Yellow
5. Corporeal Face, Permo
6. Hdv, DDD
7. Brine, Star Chaser
8. Robbenspierre, Try To Live Through This Night
9. Inga Mauer, My Flights Without You
10. Jacob Korn, Robot’s Life Cycle
11. Lockertmatik, Message From The Underdog
12. Jorg Kuning, Tunnels
13. Man/ipulate, Fractional
14. Ectomorph, u men
15. Datawave, Quadrant
16. Late Night Approach, The Naus Investigation
17. KemeticJust pres. Terrance Downs, Here For It (Deeper Tech Rub)
18. Perm, B1
19. Ectomorph, bc basstronic
20. Meeshoo, Teleport [Dave Aju Remix]
21. Ectomorph, vanity 6 make up

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