OMAKASE #245, Camp Return live stream/ Kraftwerk

1st hour is an excerpt from a live steam I did for Camp Return last weekend. You can catch the entire set here.

2nd hour is a tribute to the late Florian Schnider, co-founder of one of my favorite bands, Kraftwerk.

Tracklist [#.artist, title]

1. Gary Martin, Shoulder, Shake & Pop
2. Hodini, One4Fries
3. John Swing, G Jazz (Original Mix)
4. Nu Guinea, Wallabies
5. Atlantic Conveyor feat. Habibur Romman, Open Your Soul (Music Box Mix)
6. Autarkic, I Quote Myself
7. Booshank, Action Satisfaction
8. Tavish, DRESSED TO KILL (Tavish DJ Meta-Edit)
9. Anunaku, Forgotten Tales
10. V, Confusion
11. Tripmastaz, Ya Zdes
12. Sleep D, Freezer
13. Unknown Artist, Gomma Piuma
14. Bufiman, Running (The Chase)
15. The Absolute ft. Suzanne Palmer, There Will Come A Day (Mark Picchiotti Half Tab Mix)
16. Vladimir Dubyshkin, Grasshopper’s Opinion (Original Mix)
17. Ballistic Brothers, Blacker (4 The Good Times)
18. The Budos Band, Chicago Falcon
19. Anthony Rother, Compute Me
20. Cornelius, Wataridori
21. Future Sound of London, Papua New Guinea
22. Kraftwerk, Numbers (live)
23. Kraftwerk, Die Roboter (DMC Mix)
24. Kraftwerk, Numbers
25. Kraftwerk, The Telephone Call
26. Al Pastor, The Telephone Call [3z edit]
27. Al Pastor, Boing Boom Tschak
28. Kraftwerk, Tour De France
29. Egyptian Lover, Egypt, Egypt [Digital Visions Edit]
30. Anthony Rother, Destroy him my robots
31. Afro-Rican, Give It All You Got (Doggy Style) (Radio Mix)
32. Fearless Four, Rockin it (Vocal)
33. Kraftwerk, Prologue
34. Kraftwerk, The Man-Machine (Warszawa Sala Kongresowa, 27.05.04)

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