TRACKLISTING [# Artist Track Album]

  1. Dave Aju, Love In Zero Gravity
  2. Paxton Fettel, She’s All Right (Jimpster Remix)
  3. Asok, Toltec (Original Mix)
  4. Amato, The Warehouse
  5. Harmonious Thelonious, Drums and Claps
  6. The Patchouli Brothers, Wicked One
  7. Ole Mic Odd, There Is A Signal
  8. Harmonious Thelonious, Iron Boat
  9. Nummer, La voix du nord
  10. DJ Guy, Untitled 3
  11. Nummer, Waters of Liepnitzee
  12. Unknown, Born on earth
  13. KZA, Le Troublant Acid
  14. Underworld, Cups (Salt City Orchestra Vertical Bacon Vocal)
  15. Butch, Drummers Drama

Tonight’s guest is a long time coming. Happy to welcome founder and resident dj for Orange County institution, FOCUS: Josh Billings.

Here’s a great interview from White Rabbit Group covering Josh/ FOCUS’ history.

Catch Josh at the next FOCUS, celebrating his birthday and donate for a worthwhile cause.
Special Friday FOCUS event with one of our absolute favorite DJs, Doc Martin!


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