Happy to have Michael Vegh come back through! This time round he came through with a soulful and funky set of classics!

*tracklist [artist, title]*
1. Jules Etienne, Biscotte
2. Marina Trench, Cascade
3. Cole Medina, Deep Strings
4. OCB, Computer Default
5. Brawther, Le Voyage
6. Tiger & Woods, The Bad Boys
7. Da Book, Zemmix
8. Field Of Dreams, Pourquoi (Pete Herbert Remix)
9. KH, Only Human

*TRACKLIST [#. artist, title]
1. Kiefer, Most Beautiful Girl
2. Next, Intro
3. Keni Burke, Risin’ to the Top 
4. Gap Ban, Outstanding
5. 78 Edits, One Way
6. Sylvester, Give It Up (Don’t Make Me Wait)
7. Donald Byrd, Love Has Come Around
8. Byron Stingily, Hybrid Heights
9. Steve Wonder, All I Do 
10. Jay Vegas, Come Soon
11. Lux Experience, Our Lords Victory 
12. Krewcial, Heal
13. Leonardus, You Mean the World To Me 
14. J. Caprice, Goodness Of God (Stacy Kidd Remix)
15. Stacy Kidd, Celebrate (Instrumental)

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