OMAKASE, episode 168a
Airdate: 10/07/2018

TRACKLISTING [# Artist, Track, Album]
1 Gerd & Elbee Bad, H.O.U.S.E. (Gerd’s 2011 Ruff Dub), H.O.U.S.E.
2 Gerd & Elbee Bad, H.O.U.S.E. (Arttu Remix), H.O.U.S.E.
3 Shokh, Smoke, Smoke 
4 Fold, Keif Chugwin, Mr Wood EP
5 DJ Rocca, Maccheroni (Eric Duncan’s Extended Acid Mix), Maccheroni/Aula
6 Holkin & The Papers, Lambo, Now, That’s A Steal 2
7 Bawrut, Three Sounds, 4×4
8 Two Of China, Los Niños Del Parque (Tormenta Mix), Los Niños Del Parque
9 Lisa Angel, Show Me, Declaration Of Independents Part One
10 Bawrut, More Cowbell, 4×4
11 Mutable, Track 4, Mutable 02
12 Sputnik, Afrodisco Badness, Now, That’s A Steal 2
13 Machete Savane, Elysian Fields (Felix Dickinson Remix), Elysian Fields
14 Nu Guinea, Stann Fore, Nuova Napoli
15 Kris Baha, Fuels a Liar, Opium of the People
16 Jovonn, Be Free (Mike Huckaby Edit), Goldtone Edits
17 Speaking Minds, Amarcord Hit Me (Bawrut Remix), Odissea EP

DJ: An Expresso [skylaxx/ low, los angeles]
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