R.I.P. Boyd Jarvis, one of the fathers of house music!

TRACKLIST [artist, title]

  1. Boyd Jarvis, The Music Got Me (Original ’83 Instrumental)
  2. Boyd Jarvis, Stomp
  3. Level 3, Central Line (Dub Mix)
  4. Level 3 feat. Boyd Jarvis, Central Line
  5. Nyles-Jarvis Project, Tribal Juice (The Ritual Version)
  6. Tammy Lucas & Boyd Jarvis, Hey Boy (Ruff Mix)
  7. Boyd Jarvis, Timpini
  8. Gary L., Time To Party (Boyd Jarvis and Timmy Regisford Mix)
  9. Bombers, Everybody Get Dancin’ (Alkalino remake)
  10. Before The Storm Featuring Boyd Jarvis, I’ve Got The Music (Zanzibar Dub)
  11. Dj Python, q.e.p.d
  12. Kosmic Kemists, Mutant 4
  13. Pip Archer, Time To Boogie
  14. Pauli Jylhankangas, Lie Low
  15. Doc Martin, Never (Doc’s Classic Mix)
  16. Peggy Gou, It Makes You Forget
  17. Bianca Chandon Pres. &Co, Wine Cooler
  18. Circuit, Release The Tension
  19. Jammers, Be Mine Tonight (Alkalino facelift)
  20. Shohjo-Tai & Red Bus St Project – Electric City
  21. Phase II, Reachin (Brotherhood Mix)
  22. S U R V I V E, Wardenclyffe (Sam Haar Remix)
  23. The Deep, Burundi Twilight

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