OMAKASE, episode 113a
Airdate: 8/27/2017
Tracklist [artist, title, release, label]

  1. Basic Channel, Phylyps Track II-II, Phylyps Trak II, Basic Channel
  2. Etcher, Super-translations, MTRON001, Mechatronica
  3. High Mobility Weapons Unit, Odin Reveals Himself (Original Mix), Detection Methods, Main Concept
  4. Moodymann, Meanwhile Back At Home, Forevernevermore, Peacefrog Records
  5. SRNDR, As said, as it started, As Said, As It Stated, RLGN
  6. Dreams, Chain, Off The Grid, Nous
  7. VILLA ABO, Drum-Magnet, Sibilant, Noise In My Head
  8. Viers, Jesus Wept, A Moment In The Machine, Dream of Dystopia
  9. The Stone Roses, Fools Gold (Grooverider’s Mix), Fools Gold, Jive Electro
  10. A Sagittariun – Vanishing Point (Original Mix), Vanishing Point, Hypercolour
  11. Late Night Approach, Poison Valley, Dolly Deluxe 3, Dolly Deluxe
  12. Dreams , Meditation II, Vison Zero, Subsubtropics
  13. Unknownmix, The Siren, The Siren, Playhouse
  14. Randomer & Cadans, Angry Fiddle
  15. Bézier, Stranger, Primes, Dark Entries
  16. Paul Johnson , My Free Feelings, Hear The Music, Peacefrog Records
  17. Peter Power, Dansakoni (Dreems Remix), Afro Dama, MultiCulti

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