OMAKASE, episode 104a
Airdate: 7/30/2017
Tracklist [artist, title, release, label]

  1. Pacific Horizons, Club Meds, Club Meds 12″, Pacific Wizard Foundation
  2. Robert Owens, Bring Down The Walls, Bring Down the Walls 12″, Trax Records
  3. Armando, World Unknown, Futurejak Vol. 1, Futurejak
  4. Zank, Untitled, Vacum Direct, Housedust
  5. No Smoke, Africa (David X Remix), Chicago Housing Commission Vol. 1, Chicago Housing Commission
  6. Voodoo Doll, Dee’s Devastating Dub, Women Beat Their Men, Champion Records
  7. Maurice, This is Acid [K&T Mix, This Is Acid 12″, Vendetta Records
  8. D. Mob, We Call Acieed [Matey Mix], We Call It Acid 12″, ffrr
  9. Mr. Lee, House This House, Acid Trax, Trax Records
  10. Humanoid, Stakker Humanoid, Stakker Humanoid, Westside Records
  11. The Electric Ecstacy Club, Jesus Love The Acid, Jesus Love The Acid 12″, Bugged Out
  12. Gentry Ice, Utilize The Beat, Acido Amigo, Westside Records
  13. E.B.E., Gotta Live, Out of Phase, Solid Grooves
  14. Tiga, Pleasure From The Bass, Pleasure From The Base, PIAS
  15. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell, I’ve Got Acid, I’ve Got Acid 12″, Acid Camp Records
  16. Dajae, Is It All Over My Face [Green Velvet’s Imagin The Vocals Mix], Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet’s Too Scared To Release Mixes), Relief Records
  17. Nackt, Depth Field, Night System, The Nite Owl Diner
  18. Lockstep, I am, Lockstep EP, Soiree Records International
  19. Armando, Land of Confusion, Secret Mixes & Fixes Vol. 1, Secret Mixes & Fixes

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