OMAKASE, episode 107b
Airdate: 7/16/2017
DJ: LIVE FOR EACH MOON [@tearsofjoyrecords, los angeles]
*tracklisting [artist, title]

  1. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Mantra
  2. Yohan Square – Love of Life
  3. Blaze – If You Need A Friend
  4. Groovestyle – L.O.VE.
  5. Inceptor – Higher Love
  6. Maki – I Know Youll Be There
  7. Shai – The Place Where You Belong (The Roxy Dub Mix)
  8. The Trojan Horse featuring 69 Mercedes- Years of Pressure
  9. Sinnamon – I Need You Now (Masters of Work Mix)
  10. Reese & Santonio – Bounce Your Body To The Box
  11. Ten City – Suspicious

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