OMAKASE, episode 107a
Airdate: 7/16/2017

*tracklisting [artist, title, release, label]

  1. Street Corner Symphony, Symphony For The Devil [obligatory mix], open
  2. Idjut Boys and Laj, Jazz Fook, Jaz Fook 12″, U-Star
  3. C:Rock, Seattle Sidewalk, Seattle Sidewalk 12″, Lo-Fi Stereo
  4. Pulse 8, Radio Morocco [Adrian Sherwood Mix], Radio Morocco 12″, 4th & B’way
  5. Hidden Variable, Untitled, Nu Skool Confusion vol 1, Hidden Variable Records
  6. Cratebug, Snakes, Cratebug Edits, Tugboat Edits
  7. Telex, Raised By Snakes [Maurice Fulton Mix], Snakes & Music, SSR
  8. Natan H, Atmosphere (in 5) [Conforce Mix], Atmosphere, Acid Camp Records
  9. Patrick Gil, Punctual, Pressed Friends 01, Pressed Friends
  10. Dark Comedy, Darkness, Seven Days, Elypsia
  11. Claro Intelecto, Signals, Warehouse Sessions Vol. 2, Modern Love
  12. Jersey Devil Disco Club, Child 13, Homage at 121 BPM, Environ
  13. Alexander Robotnick, Viens Chez Moi, Les Grands Voyages De L’Amour, Hot Banana
  14. Secret Studio, Yeah, Secret Studio Featuring Jason Kendig ‎– Breath, Secret Studio Records
  15. Caltrop, Lenny, DJ Muscle, W.T. Records
  16. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell, I’ve Got Acid (On My Brain), I’ve Got Acid (On My Brain), Acid Camp Records

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