Our 100th episode brings the show back to it’s roots with a back 2 back set with OMAKASE resident dj emeritus, FLOPPY DISCO!

Check out @iamfloppydisco ‘s excellent show, The Lunar Saloon for the weird, obscure and mind expanding tunes. He has been a huge influence on me and it’s always a pleasure smashing our records together to hear what happens-

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the listeners, likers, reposters, guest djs and all who have supported this show! To the next 100!
-Raf [Gold Code]

OMAKASE, episode 100
Airdate: 5/28/2017

tracklist: [Artist, Title]
1. Dr. Timothy Leary, Root Chakra)
2. Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier, Teen Tonic
3. Maurice Béjart, Et Musiques Concrètes Pour
4. Pierre Arvay, Sky Way
5. Akiko Yano, I’m Home
6. DJ Bert & Eagle, I Am Your Master(Savino DJ And Peet Need Remix)
7. Riccardo Cioni, Garage
8. 4 M International, Space Operator (Instrumental
9. Maximum 3, On A Mission
10. Developer, Human condition
11. Rechulski, Müller
12. Von Party, Pygmy Funk
13. XAMIGA, Stratocumulus
14. Hreno, Herbie’s Table Scraps
15. Identified Patient, Vrouwe Fataal
16. In Flagranti, Magojiro
17. Z.A.M., Africa Freedom (The Johannesburg Dub)
18. Mike Dunn, A Groove
19. Rio, Missing You (De Janeiro Mix)
20. Professor Rhythm, Professor 3
21. Aril, DJ’s Night (Bass & Drums)
22. Washed Out, Get Lost
23. Nature Boy, Prayer
24. Raphael Top Secret , Melt’ Pot 82
25. Awanto 3, Azrael featuring Darling (Original Mix)
26. Von Party, Pygmy Funk (Original Mix)
27. Endfest, Poppenkast
28. Identified Patient, Het Infuus
29. Mr Flagio, Take a Chance (Razormaid mix)
30. Populette, Mommy (Harkin & Raney Remix
31. Propaganda, Frozen Faces
32. Hi.Fi Bros, The Line (Scratch Version)
33. Krootchey, Qu’Est-Ce Qu’Il A (D’Plus Que Moi Ce Négro Là?)
34. Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra, In The Disko (spAceLex Extended Club Drum Edit)
35. Guy Delo, Titanic
36. Developer, Horns from the West
37. DJ Deep, C Machine
38. NX1, NX1
39. Deee-Lite, Pussycat Meow (Murk Boys)

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