Gold Code returns to the Lunar Saloon

My return to the Lunar Saloon!!

The Lunar Saloon, episode #35
Airdate, 11/25/2016

Tracklist [artist, title, label]

  1. DeViere, Lessons Learned In The Tears Of Deceit, Mathematics Recordings
  2. Arnold Steiner, Virgo 2 Virgo, AC Records
  3. Casanova’s Revenge, Let’s Work (Club Version 1), Invasion Recordings
  4.  Mighty Thor, Tralfamdore, Born Free Records
  5. dynArec, Double Postpone, Solar One Music
  6. Crime, Breaking Point, Nuphonic
  7. Nackt, Ford (feat. Cm-4 & Doc Sleep), 100% Silk
  8. Alternations, Feel It For You (Indian Summer Mix), RCA *thanks Marty!
  9. Ajello, Radiation B-X, Moderne Recordings
  10. Mezigue, ZZ Paname, D.KO Records
  11. Toshiki Kadomatsu, Step into the Light, RVC Corporation
  12. Paso, Climax, D.KO Records
  13. Unknown, Radio Action (The Revolving Eyes edit)
  14. Dreamatic, Audio Trip, DFC
  15. Sprawl, Attack of the Sonic Army, Solar One Music
  16. AS1, Unpredictable Tomorrow, Solar One Music
  17. Mono Junk, Feel Your Life, Music Man Records
  18. Pearl River Sound, Lord of A-A-Acid, X-Kalay
  19. An-i & Capablanca, Farsi Farce, Versatile Records
  20. Neil Landstrumm, Touch It, Killekill
  21. Betonkust & Palmbomen II,  Suite 100, Pinkman
  22. Jerome Hill, Def Jamming, Super Rhythm Trax
  23. Lapien, Wild For The Night, Mistress Recordings
  24. The Consumer, Financial Advisory, KONDI
  25. James Duncan, Kingston Throop Stop, WNCL Recordings
  26. The Cure – The Walk (Razormaid Mix), Razormaid
  27. The Revolving Eyes, Machina 1.2, Moderne Recordings

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