Tracklist [artist, title, label]‎

1. D’Arcangelo, Asset 5, Touched Electronix
2. Jon Watts, Prohaasation, Butter Sessions
3. DJ Di’jital, 360 Degrees, Direct Beat
4. Ole Mic Odd, Space Gang Phunk, Source Material
5. Low Tape, Walking The Streets, Of Paradise
6. Kuldaboli, Ískaldur veruleikinn, bbbbbb recors
7. Local Group, Inside Out, Art-Aud
8. FJAAK, To The Peak ft Elli Acula, SPANDAU20
9. Jensen Interceptor & Lake Haze, Kinetic Floor, E-Beamz
10. The Jaffa Kid, Dancing On Air, Altered Sense
11. Kreggo + Textasy, The Definitive Hardcore Anthem, Art-Aud
12. The Jaffa Kid, Rewq, Altered Sense
13. Paranoid London, The State Of That, Paranoid London Records
14. Los Malpelos, Oltremanica, Art-Aud
15. Locked Club, Memphis Mumbai Tool, Tram Planet Records
16. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code, VR Escort, Central Processing Unit
17. Mesak, Saturdaynight Teaser, Klakson
18. Jordan GCZ, Yellow Jackets Descend, Rush Hour
19. Sound Synthesis, Lost In Orbit, Gated Recordings
20. Waveguide, Lemma, a.r.t.less
21. Mole People, In Out In Out, Teknotika Records
22. Head Front Panel, Untitled, Head Front Panel
23. Truncate, Minimize, Token
24. The Advent, Foothold, Klockworks
25. Octave One, Black Waters, 430 West
26. JX-216, Protest (Original Mix), Vexed Sphere Records
27. N-TER, Space Funk, Twilight 76 Records
28. Tone Loc, Loc’in On The Shaw, Delicious Vinyl
29. Rene Wise & Rødhåd, 190209.2, WSNWG
30. Hertz Collision, Instability, Truncate
31. Jaraossa, VCA, mord
32. DJ Deep, Demonstration, Tresor
33. Introversion, Utopic, Arts
34. Nuno Dos Santos, Storm Inside (Fader From Borneo Remix), Something Happening Somewhere
35. Developer, Archive 2, Developer Archive
36. Voytek, Operate, Art-Aud
37. Kaidi Tatham, Try n Follow, First Word Records

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