OMAKASE #299, R.I.P. Elbee Bad/ Soulphiction

Tracklist [artist, title, label]‎

1. Eduardo De La Calle , Elbee Bad, The Sun Is Coming, Goldmin Music
2. Soulphiction, Glitz, Circus Company
3. Omar Joesoef, Frantic, Hard Fist
4. Soulphiction, Jinx, Circus Company
5. Joi Lau, The Wall, Klasse Wrecks
6. Blue Soul, Saturn Devouring His Sun, Aphorism Recordings
7. Code, Parsifal (Ambient Mix), Down By Law Records
8. Elbee Bad, I Know You Want Some More, International Deejay Gigolo Records
9. I:Cube, Mighty Cube, Versatile Records
10. Vibes Ltd, A2 Untitled (Original Mix), Vibes Ltd
11. H.E.R. & Judas and the Black Messiah, Fight For You , RCA Records
12. Vincent Floyd, Meditation, Chubby!
13. Moodymann, Slow Down, KDJ
14. Traumer, Xas, Arts Transparent
15. Blue Soul, Lea Porcelain – Pool Song (BLUE SOUL REMIX), Self Released
16. Traumer, Le mont (Original Mix), GETTRAUM
17. Paranoid London, Snowing, Paranoid London
18. Orange Tree Edits, Down Down Down (R.Kitt Edit), Orange Tree Edits
19. Mfon, Southside, Chicago Deep
20. Soulphiction, Cheerleader (Poetsof D-Ism Mix), Playhouse
21. Ruskin & Broom, TKN, Blueprint
22. Deniro, Static, Reclaim Your City
23. Lisa Angel, Show Me, TRIBAL America
24. Jovonn, Random, Nu Groove Records
25. Mark Broom & James Ruskin, Erotic Misery, Blueprint
26. His Dirty Secrets, Structures, Cititrax ‎
27. Norm Talley, Deep Consciousness, Phorma
28. Elbee Bad, Just don’t stop the dance (acapella), LaRhon
29. SoulPhiction, Mind & Body, Philpot
30. Kaidi Tatham, Intergalactic Relations, First Word Records

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