Tracklist [artist, title, label]

1. Nicola Cruz, Subtropique, Rhythm Section International
2. Pools, Dip Dang, Razor N Tape
3. Trip Show, Sobriquet, Broken Clover Records
4. I:Cube, East Tribe, Versatile Records
5. Django Django, Hail Bop (Daniel Avery Remix), Because Music
6. Poborsk, La Vie Est Brutale (pbrskmix), Mélodies Souterraines
7. The Paradox feat. Jeff Mills, Jean Phi Dary, Super Solid, Axis
8. Jex Opolis, Jexendirekt, Good Timin’
9. R-A-G, The New Lives, M>O>S (Delsin)
10. Tavish, MY L*VE (Tavish DJ Meta-Edit),
11. Jon Sable, Ascension Island, In Dust We Trust
12. Orlando Voorn, Stuck In My Ways, Kompakt
13. T/error, All the Clocks in the World, LDI Records
14. Rico Casazza, R Dom, Furthur Electronix
15. Larionov & St. Theodore, Intergalactic Transmission, Rotterdam Electronix
16. Octave One, Black Water, 430 West
17. Mayday, TicTicTic, Pheerce Citi
18. Paranoid London, PL Off The Groove, Not On Label (Paranoid London)
19. Kenny Larkin, Hello, Art Of Dance
20. Sculpturism, Call of the Confuciusornis (Mark Broom Remix), Audiosculpture
21. Deniro, Shards, Reclaim Your City
22. T/Error, Tachyonic Antitelephone, LDI Records
23. Technobeton, No No, ITALO MODERNI
24. Ausgang, Dust, Ausgang
25. Truncate, DTW 2 LAX V1, Token
26. Jackmate, Modulate Nightdrive, 18437 Records
27. Locked Club, Atom Hell, Tram Planet Records
28. Big Miz, Doin’ the Damage, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
29. Charging Systems, Basic Codes, Electro Music Coalition
30. FJAAK, To The Peak ft Elli Acula (Steffi Remix), Spandau20
31. Dj Di’jital, The Mind of the Master, Rawax Motor City Edition
32. Ole Mic Odd, There Will Be No Failure, Hilltown Disco
33. Transonic Flow, Jit-Elektro, FTP

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