Tracklist [artist, title, label]

1. I:Cube, Session 7, Versatile Records
2. Caltrop, The Stoics (Roche Remix), AGIYNI
3. Jordan GCZ, Minor 7 Resin, Rush Hour
4. Makam, Stray Dog, Dekmantel
5. Joi Lau, Exotic Beat, Klasse Wrecks
6. Pigmalião, Ocrânimo, I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul
7. -=UHU=-, This Is Revolution, Transient Force
8. Mike Parker, Megaera, Spazio Disponibile
9. Theo Parrish, What You Wanna C (Hambone), Sound Signature
10. Shiro Schwarz, Take The Wheel (Instrumental Version), Star Creature
11. Skoovd, Akou, Rat Life Records
12. Clatterbox, Zip Code, Cheap Classics
13. Royalcash, Radio Activity (Nick Bike ACA Out Edit),
14. Stage, Dreamin On The Top (Instrumental Version), Rare80 Records
15. Indeep, When Boys Talk (Scratch Version B), Sound Of New York
16. Adrian Gurvitz, New World, Jet Records
17. Dircsen, Dying State, Endless Illusion
18. DJ Rocca, Tropicale 17 (Chicken Lips Malfunction), Whiskey Pickle
19. John Tejada, Promo Committee, Palette Recordings
20. Octa Octa, Alt Dusk, Skylax Records
21. Mohlao, Cut, Hypnus Records
22. DJ Rush, Portuguese Swing, Isaiah Major
23. Blue Soul, On The Angel Of History, Aphorism Recordings
24. Talismann, ancient storm (original mix), Talismann
25. Kessell, Decompressing (Original Mix), From 0-1
26. Dawl, Want Some Candy, Tribe Recordings
27. GC, Pandemic 3.2, Unreleased
28. New Grooves, Big Acid, nugroove
29. Switch, Mixed Signals (Direct Current Rework), Resource Records
30. Dip Shim, Kultje, Malmo Traxx
31. Type-303, Acid Earth, Insult To Injury
32. Parbleu, Soweto, Periodica Records

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