This show is dedicated to Tim Sweeney/ Beats in Space over at WNYU, who ended a 21 year run last week. BiS was a HUGE influence on this show, looking forward to what Tim does next!

Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Alessandro Parisi, La Guerra Di Namtar
2. Kovyazin D, Headache
3. TV.OUT, Blackout
4. Neud Photo, Mimetix
5. Danger Boys, Haunted Zone
6. Franz Scala, Mondo Della Notte
7. Diana Berti, A Beautiful Blossoming Flower
8. Reymour, Daya (feat. Low Bat)
9. Betonkust & Palmbomen II, N401
10. Richard Sen, Night Train to Cairo
11. Black September, Operation Munich
12. Benedek, Street Level
13. Ameega, This Time Love Is 15 (Funk Hunk Re-Edit)
14. Kovyazin D, Minimum for Maximum
15. Chino, Dyscyplina
16. Clatterbox, Press On
17. Caltrop, Proton
18. Metro Zee, Barbd
19. John Tejada, Infinity Room
20. Lake Haze, Her Pale Skin Glowing on the Dancefloor
21. Mr. Fingers, Ron Wilson, Chains featuring Ron Wilson (Original Mix)
22. Donnie, Kai Alce, Olmec Save Us (Kai Alce Original Vocal Mix)
23. Mfon, Rubberlegs
24. The Black Dog, Tactile
25. Boris Werner feat. Gretz & Rival of Mars, Daymare Dreamer
26. Makam, Clearnings (Digital Version)
27. Phil Asher & A.C. Layne feat., We Can Make It Happen (Vox Dub
28. Orange Tree Edits, Fo Ya (Jimmy Rouge Edit)
29. Carthago, Hanen (Unreleased Instrumental)
30. Bodj & Roksi, Weird Science
31. Tiago, Track 3
32. Pizzaboy, Just Stop It

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